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We are at V.R. Enterprises are one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters for Insulating Mats of Electrical Purpose confirming to IS: 15652-2006 under the brand name “DOZZ”. These mats have a wide application in various Electric Sub-Stations, Transformer Rooms, Lift Machine Room, Switch Rooms, Electrical Panels, ACPlant Rooms, X-Ray Plant Rooms, LT/HT Labs, Around Bus Bars, Generator Rooms etc. as a safegaurd to the life of human being due to any possible leakage current. These mats are also used in many industrial plants and factories to protect against electrical shocks. These mats are made up of blend of Synthetic Elastomers

As an eminent manufacturer, we provide Electrical Insulating Mats as per Indian & International Standards. The mat is manufactured using the latest techniques of production, thereby assuring our clients authenticity.

Besides “DOZZ” has an excellence of only company in India having approvals for all the tests mentioned in the BIS by the most reputed labs ERDA (Electrical Research and Development Association, Baroda), CPRI (Central Power Research Institute) and NTH (National Test House).

The “DOZZ” ISI Marked Electrical Insulating Mats are specially designed for use in front of open switch boards of high voltage equipment.